Below are the model yacht designs that make up the core of our range. The range is constantly evolving, and the designs further refined with each build.

Whilst I don’t take pre-orders, I generally have several yachts in build at any one time, so if anything takes your interest please feel free to get in touch and see what I have on the work bench!

You can view any yachts that may currently be for sale via my eBay listings here:

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THE YACHTS Haycroft Pond Yachts - Pilot Cutter

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Instagram Facebook Haycroft Pond Yachts Haycroft 25 Pilot Cutter 25’’ Pilot Cutter Classic lines that please the eye.  Fast on the water and stunning on display.

24’’ Racing Yacht

Beautiful lines, well balanced, fast and fun to sail.

26’’ Racing Yacht

Well balanced, fast and fun to sail.

24” Fishing Smack


A simple tradition kite handle for tethered sailing.

Haycroft pond yachts pilot cutter pond yacht

19’’ Pilot Cutter

New for 2022!

19'' Pilot Cutter