The original haycroft Pond Yachts workshop Gouges and spokeshaves HAND PLANES SPAR MAKING

From humble beginnings amongst piles of wood shavings and scattered hand tools, each yacht takes it’s shape gradually and evolves over the course of several weeks.

These model yacht designs are my own, which have been refined over the years in pursuit of fine lines that look well on the water. Haycroft yachts are not intended to be scale models, but a miniature representation of classic yacht designs, offering a sense of a full size yacht when under sail.

I thoroughly enjoy seeing a new model yacht make sail for the first time. This maiden voyage marks the end of my contribution to the yachts’ story, and ‘she’ is then ready to bring further enjoyment to the next.

Haycroft Pond Yachts are sailing in various corners of the globe;

USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Germany,

France, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Taiwan, Italy,

and all over the United Kingdom!


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